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Naiharn Beach is about one km long. It’s a tranquil spot and is far away from Phuket’s touristic areas.
Many people come here to swim in the beautiful blue calm and warm water (perfect in high season from November to May).
As it's so picturesque, the whole area is popular with joggers. A lap around the Nai Harn Lake with a leg including the whole length of the beach is around 2.5km (1.5 miles).
In low season, you might find a good number of enthusiastic surfers riding the waves. At the south end of this beach there is a permanent sandbank that gives a good and often fast ride, even in the smallest swells.
At the northern end there is a beach-and-reef break in the corner. This break can hold large swells and can at times get pretty potent. From May to October at the northern end of the beach, the waves are a little small for surfing but the perfect size for boogie boarding. Kids love to spend the whole day riding the waves in a relatively safe environment and it doesn't take long to learn.



Where Nai Harn Beach is Phuket's southernmost beach, Prohmthep Cape (or Laem Prohmthep) is the island's southernmost point, and likewise, it offers an amazing view of the Andaman Sea. Visitors can also take a short hike from the cape (less than a mile) to a scenic lighthouse.

Sunset is the best time to view the beauty of Prohmthep Cape, according to recent visitors, but they also say that this is no longer a secret spot: Travelers will usually have to share their vantage point with a host of others, but even so, a trip to Promthep Cape comes highly recommended.



Sport fishing in Phuket is becoming increasingly popularity among tourists in Thailand. Many fishermen's go to phuket fishing to find tuna, sailfish and other fish, hunting for trophy spend hours in the sea.
The fishing season runs throughout the year here in Phuket, however the High Season (November -April) is the best time for Sailfish, Tuna, and Mackerel, whilst the South West Monsoon Season (April - November) also sees the arrival of the Dorado and Wahoo.
For those who practice Japanese techniques (jigging, kabura, tai rubber and others) numerous spots allow all year round catches of valuable prey such as groupers, snappers and trevally



Nai Harn is a special place where one can experience fine dining or simply join the locals for a real taste of Thai and fresh Andaman seafood, thanks to the international community who make Nai Harn Village their home. In the shade of the trees from the middle to southern end of Nai Harn Beach stand several bamboo-and-thatch seafood and Thai restaurants. The produce is fresh, the service humorous, the setting quaint and breezy. This is truly dining with sand between your toes. This cosmopolitan situation has gifted an opportunity for many talented chefs and bakers from around the world to start up various venues in this charming and friendly beach village.

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Picture 927.jpg


Naka Weekend Market, Chillva Night Market, Indy Night Market and the remarkable Phuket Walking Street are are amazing at huge night bazaars. The Phuket night markets are reminiscent of Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market due to the sheer size and the fact that seemingly anything and everything can be bought here. From new and old clothes to electronics, to tonnes of gifts and souvenirs — not to mention animals and pets — whatever you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it here. Fresh food is available in abundance, from stinky durian to your Thai street food favourites, and the low prices mean you can afford to be adventurous when it comes to trying new things.


Idyllic islands with white sand beaches and palm trees - turquoise water and beautiful tropical fish. Snorkelling and fishing or lazing on the beach.
Coral, Koh Kao, Koh Yao, Racha, there are such a lot of large and small islands round Phuket; it could take endlessly to go to all of them. Most usually are not far, and it’s best to take into account an island hopping to your journey or perhaps a private cruise .

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